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Rick at Peoria Library, Peoria, Arizona Mon 22nd September 2014 by Myrna Foster 
Hello again,

I hope you are have been enjoying some spring sunshine, and are looking forward to warmer days and longer evenings.

My recent tour of Guernsey went really well. Organised by the Healing Music Trust, I played a total of 30 concerts in the two weeks I was over there, including two in Alderney, at the Mignot Memorial Hospital, and the Connaught Care Home, where I had not been before.

On Monday 25th March I met up with Shaun Shackleton from the Guernsey Press, as well as appearing on BBC Radio Guernsey, on 27th March, with presenter John Randall. Like all good things, it went too quickly, and before I knew it I was back home.

Coming up, I have other dates to play, including return bookings at the Sail Loft Folk Club in Horndon on the Hill, Essex, on 14th July, a charity event at Horndon on the Hill, Essex, on 27th July, and Loughton Folk Club, Essex, on 10th October.

I’ve still got some more concerts to play, for Music In Hospitals & Care, and other organisations. I’m also waiting for other dates to be confirmed. I’m glad to say that enquiries and dates are still coming in, for 2020 as well. Check out the tour dates pages on my website, for more details and contacts.

It’s About Time, the album, is still selling well, at gigs and via the website (PayPal). Get your copy now.

Thanks for supporting live music, and I hope to see you out there, somewhere, soon.

Travel safely.
April 2019

It's About Time

The latest album from Rick Christian

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