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It's About Time

It's About Time

The latest album from Rick Christian
available now.

It's About Time

It's About Time Late Nite Radio
Rhythm Of The Rain
City Of New Orleans
Ev'ry Time I Hear That Song
Haunted By The Memory
The Fields Of Athenry
What Goes Wrong
Forty Shades Of Green
Where Were You The Morning After
Hell Raisers And Trail Blazers
Love Hurts
The Things I Didn't Say

Loose Association

Loose Association Bye Bye Love
Back Home Again
Hello Mary Lou
(You Keep Me) Hangin' On
Reason Enough To Say Goodbye
Please Remember Me
Brown Eyed Girl
Dream Lover
It Never Rains In Southern California
It's So Easy
Recorded with singer/guitarist Julian May

Reason Enough

Reason Enough What A Pity
Missin' You
I'm Not What Love's Lookin' For
Maybe Love Will Find Me Tomorrow
Where's It Goin' To End
Don't Stop Believin' In Love
Reason Enough To Say Goodbye
You Call It Progress
Forever Didn't Last 'till Today

Looking For Signs

Looking For Signs Tell Me Again
I'll Be Waitin' For You
Where Is Your Heart Sleeping Tonight?
The World Grows Smaller
Lookin' For Signs
Mary's Waltz
Who Said Love Is Blind?
Black Waters
Why Did You Phone Me On Friday?
Move Now


These Things Happen

album cover You And Me Again
How Could We Let This Happen?
The Shirt Off My Back
Just Like The Last Time
Main Street
Sooner Or Later
We're Leavin' Us Behind
Sometimes, It Just Happens That Way
Living Behind Walls
Was It Only Yesterday?
Lookin' For Gold
One I Left Behind
These Things Happen


The Open Road

album cover Reason Enough To Say Goodbye
Boulder To Birmingham
Black Waters
Ellis Island
Tramp Miner
The Roseville Fair
The Sun Is Burning
Safe at Anchor
I'm Not What Love's Looking For
Tell Me Again