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Rick at Peoria Library, Peoria, Arizona Mon 22nd September 2014 by Myrna Foster 

Hello everyone,

I hope that you emerged from 2023, and that, despite everything, are looking forward to a more positive year ahead, with some live music in the frame.

My recent dates have all gone really well, 2024 is starting to look a little healthier, and a few more dates are awaiting confirmation. I’m glad to say that I am back at the Sail Loft Folk Club on Sunday 28th April. They meet at The Swan, High Road, Horndon on the Hill, Essex. There’s always a great atmosphere, so try to get along. I am also pleased to be booked to play Wivenhoe Folk Club again. I’m there on Thursday 6th June, and they meet at The Royal British Legion, The Quay, Wivenhoe, Essex, is the venue, and doors open at 7.30pm. Another really friendly club, and well worth the visit if you haven’t been before. I look forward to seeing you.  

I’m finally going back to Arizona, USA, after a long gap. I’m booked to play at Beaded Lizard Gathering, in Phoenix, on 9th October, Glendale Public Library on 10th October, Fiddler’s Dream Coffeehouse on 12th October, and Monday Night Melodies, at Peoria Library, on 14th October. All the details will be on my tour dates pages. To all my friends over there, I’m looking forward to seeing you again.  

I am still not sending out a full newsletter, at present, but I hope to do so as soon as I can. You can still check out any updates on my website.  

I’ll also be at the annual memorial service, for International Workers’ Memorial Day, in Chelmsford, at 12noon on Sunday 28th April. Paying tribute to the thousands of workers, from the UK and all around the world, who have either died, or been injured, whilst following their profession.

Meanwhile, It’s About Time, the album, is still available, along with my other recordings, via the website (PayPal). This means you can still hear me, even if you can’t see me at the moment. Make sure you get your copy.

Thanks for supporting live music over the years, and I hope you will continue to do so, when all this worldwide madness is over. Until then, take care of each other, stay safe, and to all my friends, at home and elsewhere,  


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It's About Time

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