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Live Reviews
"Thanks for your great set - it was fab" 
(Sail Loft Folk Club Zoom Concert, Horndon on the Hill, Essex, UK).

"Thank you for a great evening, thanks also for keeping music live." (Rita Mawson -Consett Folk Club, Co. Durham, UK)
"Many thanks for yet another great evening at the club." 
(Brian Cole -Bromley Folk Club, Kent, UK)
"A really gifted performer…who has an original and inventive touch…" 
(The Who'd Have Thought It Folk Club, Devon, UK)
"Thanks for a wonderful set Rick." 
(Hoy At Anchor Folk Club, Leigh On Sea, Essex, UK)
"Keep playing, singing and writing in style…" 
(Brian Morgan, Songs'n'Tunes'n'Roots'n'Roll, Wye Valley Radio, UK).
"You really deserve so much credit for bringing your voice and music to places so much in need of it. A real service to the community and all those people whose lives you touch." 
(A Fan).

"Velvet voiced presenter of Radio Essex's folk programme and a fine singer/songwriter in his own right. This is Rick's second appearance at the Sweeps and we are sure he will delight everyone with his sensitive songs."  
(Rochester Sweeps Festival, Kent 1997).

“I just want to say a very big thank-you for your music during the last 18 months, and for all the effort you’ve put into creating such a peaceful and happy atmosphere on Wednesday evenings at Bunjies. The very best of luck for the future-wherever you perform. There is great emotional impact in your music, and exceptional sincerity, I think, in your style. Your songs deserve to gain every success”  
(Bunjies Folk Cellar fan)
"Thanks for making Wednesday evening something special"Thanks for making Wednesday evening something special"  
(Dagi at Bunjies Folk Cellar, 27 Litchfield Street, London).

"Can we book you again - we need some sunshine!"  
(The Somebody Cares Club, Maldon, Essex)

Album reviews
It's About Time
"If you need an advert for folk clubs, you can't better this CD. Rick has played everywhere, from intimate folk clubs in the south of England to transatlantic jets, and his warm voice, thoughtful arrangements (the accompanists are hand-picked for each song), sympathetic original material and inspired choice of cover songs make for a very attractive release. I initially suppressed a groan on noting the inclusion of such staples as 'City Of New Orleans' and 'The Fields Of Athenry', but Rick's treatment reminds the listener of just why they are much covered - they're good, thoughtful and memorable songs and Rick breathes new life into them. He also obviously has a love for vintage rock and roll - there is a cover of The Everly Brothers' 'Love Hurts', very similar to their style, and his own 'What Goes Wrong' is pitched midway between Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran; his version of The Cascades' 1962 hit 'Rhythm Of The Rain' lends itself beautifully to Rick's Americana treatment. "   (Norman Darwen - R2 Rock'n'Reel)
"It's About Time is an excellent CD."  
(Doug Welch Radio - Kent Folk Show)
"Rick ensures his pick of standards (The Fields Of Athenry, Love Hurts) benefit from the same emotional content as his tuneful originals (Haunted By The Memory, The Things I Didn't Say)." (Keith Ames - The Musician, UK)
"Rick has the kind of voice that can adapt to all manner of songs and the choices here reflect that…Hellraisers And Trailblazers by Ross Barlow is great. Rick's own compositions all reflecting life and the trials and tribulations that beset us all at times. An enjoyable album from a man and his friends, all of whom obviously enjoyed playing and recording it." 
(Kathy & Bob Drage - Around Kent Folk, UK).
" It's been a while since Rick has released an album so, for his fans, the aptly entitled It's About Time will be very welcome. The striking cover picture is of the wide American west which gives a strong clue to the atmosphere of the music you will find on the CD, being mainly Americana, both in arrangement and choice of material. Amongst the thirteen songs, you will find familiar titles like City Of New Orleans, Late Nite Radio, and Rhythm Of The Rain, alongside five of Rick's own, well crafted compositions. The backing is provided by Rick's well picked acoustic guitar and a small team of musicians and include harmonies, banjo, bass, concertina, violin and cello, amongst others. The overall feel is punctuated once by the more electric sound of the Buddy Holly inspired What Goes Wrong (Rick's own), which rocks along. So if you've seen Rick live and want to hear some more of his warm voice, then buy this CD and imagine yourself cruising along in the American west, or better still, make sure you have it with you to listen to if you find yourself driving in Arizona for real." 
(John Ward - EFN Essex Folk News).
Loose Association
"Twelve tracks of evergreen folk, country, and rock and roll…Great stuff." (The Musician, UK)
Looking For Signs
"Rick's second LP release a wiry, mature set of songs that stand comparison with any named artist that you'd care to mention." (Geoff Wall -Folk On Tap, UK)
"This album has been a long time coming but has been well worth the wait…my personal favourite is the hauntingly beautiful "Why Did You Phone Me On Friday…" 
(Alan Glazer -Essex Folk News, UK)
"Rick has delivered an album that should get him the acclaim and interest he desires and deserves…" 
(Sean McGhee Rock 'n' Reel, UK)
"Rick's songs bear a strong rural American influence in his portraits of longings and loves lost and found…" 
(Stanley Greenthal -Victory Music Review, USA)
"A very talented singer/songwriter…I've enjoyed listening to your beautiful songs…" 
(Raymond Swennen -Radio Atlantis, Belgium)
"Touching very real emotions and happenings in the game of love and life…" 
(Carol Newman -KMUN Astoria, Oregon, USA)
"I really enjoyed listening to your album and songs, they're excellent." 
(Claire Hudson, Round Tower Music)
"There's a gutsy dulcimer spin round a dance tune, St. Mary's Waltz, and a lone gritty reading of Jean Ritchie's pop folk Black Waters which has some redoubtable fiddling from one Mick Graves. A musician with poetry high on his list of priorities…" 
(Simon Jones -Folk Roots, UK)
The Open Road
"Superb!…I enjoyed this album immensely. The overall quality of the recording is excellent."
(Dave Youngman - Essex Folk News, UK)
"The delivery is pretty faultless, and the required harmonies throughout add to their attraction." 
(Rock 'n' Reel, UK)
"These 3 performers have in-depth experience in various aspects of the music business and have come up with a very professional album." 
(Rob Scrase -Folkwrite, UK)